Case Study: UBERDOC concept creation and user testing

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Three early UBERDOC mobile screens used for concept validation


UBERDOC existed in the mind of Dr. Paula Muto, a Vascular Surgeon but no where else.  The idea for a website where people could go online and secure an appointment for the next day with a Medical Specialist was a brand new concept.  The concept needed to be prototyped and tested with real patients.  Without a prototype and user testing, it was challenging for Dr. Muto to share her vision with the 200+ Medical Specialists that she aimed to add as paying users. 


We created a visual representation of the site – a feat that involved many conversations, brainstorming sessions, white boarding, and finally prototyping.  To create our first draft, we interviewed Dr. Muto to understand her ideas for how the site would work.  We studied the ins and outs of the current medical appointment system and what she wanted to change.  As always, it took multiple attempts to come up with a series of screens and steps that would be easy to understand, compelling to use and that would provide a unique value to users. 

3 early examples of UBERDOC mobile screens that we designed and tested

Our first draft of the UBERDOC design was based on some erroneous assumptions which we corrected with our second draft of the design.

Next, we invited people from the public to meet with us 1-on-1 to put the UBERDOC design to the test and see how people would respond to the site without any introduction or explanation about the purpose of the site.  We learned which words were confusing, which features were missing and we made changes to the paper prototype on the fly between human testers. 

By the end of a day of testing, we had a design concept that was ready to be coded as an MVP – super simple, but super understandable.  Dr. Muto was able to show this next version of the prototype to potential investors and also attract Specialists to become paying subscribers on UBERDOC.

As of the time of writing, UBERDOC is generating revenue with over 4,000 visitors per month.  It has passed two rounds of seed funding and is currently on track to receive 6M in late stage Venture Capitalist Series A funding.

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