Research with users

I assess the strengths and weaknesses of your product by observing users.

In-Home or Work Studies

I am often are hired to go to customers' homes or workplaces and watch them interact with your product.

This allows me to get an in-context understanding of how your customers use your product. I am able to identify ways you could improve your product, reposition
your marketing stance or help you identify opportunities for new products.

Flexible User Research

I have experience interweaving flexible and casual ways of testing out your new design ideas on customers.
User Research doesn't need to bog down your development cycle.
And, it's comforting to know the decisions you make are based on depth and knowledge for your fast-moving agile project.

Usability Studies

When you need a more scientifically based type of research, I conduct traditional usability studies that identify in a more controlled environment the tasks users struggle with when using your product.


Design of the user experience

I create new product design from scratch or help you improve
your existing design.

Micro-interaction Design

The small details of a site, such as the "forgot password" situation, can greatly affect your customers opinion of your site.
I can help remedy these small but crucial experiences your customers have.

Agile UX Design

I have experience fitting into fast-moving, agile development cycles and creating iterative mockups for each sprint. I often support those sprint mockups by testing them on users mid-cycle so that each design is based on real user experiences.
This helps me catch the sticky problems early on in the project and build upon that knowledge as I carry through to the end of the project.

Mobile Design

I like to start with the smaller sized interface as I've found that constraints in size often force me to create what is essential to the user and leave out the extras. Mobile design is responsive and grows wider based on the customer's browser width to create a smooth transition between all the breakpoints.