Research reduces risk.

Based on the timeless field of Human Factors, I offer UX design and user research services to companies looking to improve their digital products.
How am I different?
I have a background in Human Factors, Computer Science, Information Design, Psychology, and Educational Systems. I base my design decisions on Human Factors - the universal principles all humans share. Check out my blog to understand more.


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Ali Hussain

Ali Hussain

SVP User Experience & Product Design at American Speciality Health

Deb is a thoughtful and well trained designer. She has the ability to work across many levels of an organization and creates outcomes that benefit the business.

Deb constantly impresses me with her composure under pressure, relationship building skills across the company, and her attention to service quality.

She is not afraid to to give honest feedback if she feels that there is benefit in doing so and always looks to help and assist colleagues if they are struggling to deliver.

She would be an asset to any organization and I would recommend Deb.

Lois Kaznicki

Lois Kaznicki

Director Product Management & UX at Blueport Commerce

Deb helped us run user research sessions for a site we want to develop.

Everyone on the team came away with new skills and insights. I learned a ton from her about interviewing customers and getting the most information from the interaction.

Deb is completely professional but also very easy to talk to, which makes her an effective coach. I really hope we get to hire her again.

Brian Costello

Brian Costello

Head of Digital Services Demand Generation at General Motors Corporation

Deb has been a great asset to the project and team. She has a great ability to see a project from the eyes of the end-user and is able to work with technical, design, project management and strategy to make sure that end-user requirements and needs are built into the project.

Deb is a deadline oriented, keeps an eye on budget concerns and is someone who easily fits into a team environment while still being able to work as an individual expert. She has a great positive outlook and is willing to put the extra effort into any project

John Hatch

John Hatch

Technical Program Leader at Planet Fitness World Headquarters

Deb was a breath of fresh air on our custom software development team as she constantly impressed me with her unique perspectives. Instantly liked by our system users, she was able to elicit many unspoken requirements through non-intrusive job shadowing.

She became the expert in Software Usability Scale surveys for our applications and I often sought her insights when introducing changes to our software delivery process. She “lives” user experience.