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Are you building the right product or service?

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How can you know if you are building the right product or service? Big question, right? You’ve put hundreds of hours into your idea and maybe you have already built it but, how can you know if you are building something that will delight your users? NOTE: This article is focused on new products or products that […]

Three early UBERDOC mobile screens used for concept validation

Case Study: UBERDOC concept creation and user testing

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Problem UBERDOC existed in the mind of Dr. Paula Muto, a Vascular Surgeon but no where else.  The idea for a website where people could go online and secure an appointment for the next day with a Medical Specialist was a brand new concept.  The concept needed to be prototyped and tested with real patients.  […]

Wearing Your Human Factors Spectacles

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Think of all the times in a day that you interact with something that was designed for human use. To show just how many interactions we have daily, I made a list of some of them. It includes: a Keurig coffee machine, a dishwasher, a car dashboard, an iPhone, a paper towel dispenser, a soap […]

What’s next after usability? Delight!

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Emotional design and delight are hot topics in user experience. As overall product usability is more consistent than it has been in the past, we look to provide a greater benefit from design. So with usability as the baseline, emotional design is the standard for which to strive. Don Norman, a leader in the UX […]

Microinteractions and the User Experience: Making it or Breaking it

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A microinteraction can be described as a small interaction with a system, with a part of that system that only serves one purpose. … “brief pieces of functionality” … “contained product moments” … “product use case boiled down to a single moment” … “The details are not the details. They are the design.” The microinteractions in your product […]